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This lodgings design was born from an idea of making rise from the rocks a volume that is directed towards above, through visual openings on the front of all its surfaces, in a clear connection between the deep stones and the sky. Campers come out of the strong and steadfast structure to enter the light, free and floating sky-ey scenery.

A simple and familiar fire patio near the lodgings, shaped similar to the body of the Small Bear, allows a warm contact between the guests. A large deck, aligned to the first zodiacal constellation, Aries, binds all the parts of the lodgings.

Whilst that, the social area was placed on top, through tenuous interventions in the castle, perpetuating its historical significance by means of social interaction, motivated by the love of contemplation and knowledge of the cosmos. Its activities allow an informal and, at the same time, peaceful acquaintanceship.

Two observatories were added to the semicircular volumes, and one of them has a classroom on the lower floor. The small museum boxes were moved to an area near the library. The small museum area gives way to the kitchen of a raised-floor restaurant, that enable the admiration of the stellar spectacle. Above this kitchen, the addition of a volume provided a cafe, that is connected to the library and has a panoramic view.

By leaving the social conviviality of sharing historical and astronomical knowledge, campers descend to settle in their observatory houses, passing between trees and stones until entering serene and silent places, with an intimate and exclusive view to the sky, coming out of the meeting of cognition for the impact with the mystery. It is a passage, from its greater self that explores the paths and rocks, knows and names the constellations and galaxies, to its smaller self, before all celestial majesty.

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